What are the precautions for using PCB circuit board cleaning fluid?

What are the precautions for using PCB circuit board cleaning fluid? In China’s electronics industry, most companies use PCB. PCB circuit board cleaning fluids used for PCB component welding are divided into three types: water-soluble, rosin, and no-clean. The first two are more commonly used, and ultrasonic waves are mostly used. Cleaning (many of them use alcohol scrubbing). The no-clean type should not be cleaned in principle. However, most manufacturers in the world still need to clean even if they use no-clean flux soldering components. Especially high-density PCBs and high-density ICs are not cleaned or ultrasonically cleaned.
It will inevitably lead to the adsorption of dust between the high-density circuits and the IC output pins. Once the environmental humidity is high, the high-density line and the pins are short-circuited and malfunctions. Once the environment is dry, the short-circuit failure disappears by itself. The fault is not easy to find.
Therefore, electronic complete machine factories all over the world insist on ultrasonic cleaning of PCB boards. In my country, the military electronics factory has begun to promote it, and has received the double benefits of improving product reliability and reducing after-sales service costs. In the production of connectors, connectors, adapters and other devices, they must also be cleaned before electroplating and assembly, otherwise the dust and oil adsorbed on these assembled parts will inevitably affect their conductivity and insulation properties, especially some complex multi-core This is especially true for connectors.


Post time: Jul-20-2020