What factors affect the delivery time of circuit board proofing

1. Line graphics

The circuit pattern includes the minimum line width and line spacing, the minimum network line width and line spacing, the minimum etched font width, the minimum BGA and bonding pads, the inner and outer copper thickness of the finished product, and the spacing between traces and outlines. Only by understanding and familiarizing with these parameters can the quality of the researched circuit graphics be high.

2. Characters and craftsmanship

For characters, the minimum character width, height, line width, and patch character frame spacing and solder mask spacing should be mastered; and the process should pay attention to peeling strength, flame retardancy, impedance type, and special processes.

3. Drilling and shape

The details that should be paid attention to when drilling is the same as the line pattern mentioned in the first point. In terms of the shape, attention should be paid to the minimum slot cutter, the maximum size and the V-CUT to ensure that the shape is complete and clean.

4. Solder Mask and Jigsaw

There are many types of solder masks. The solder mask bridge should be familiar with the design spacing between the pads; as for the imposition, attention should be paid to the gap problem and familiar with the rules of the half-hole board assembling and shipping a variety of types.

5. Number of layers and plates

Attention should be paid to the highest number of layers, surface treatment process, board thickness range, board thickness tolerance, and board type. At the same time, appropriate design software should be used to ensure the quality of circuit board production.

Post time: Oct-16-2021